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Does your roof resemble any of the pictures in the common shingle repair section below? If so, you probably need a shingle repair or roof replacement, and we are here to help. With over 45 years of combined experience in the roofing industry, our crew knows roofs. Our comprehensive shingle roof services offer customers the highest quality workmanship, and our installations are guaranteed to withstand decades of exposure to the sun and elements.

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Davis Roofing, Inc. wants to be your choice for roofing services in the Northern Virginia area. Contact us today or call us directly at 703-569-3388703-569-3388 for more information about installing composition shingles or our other roofing services that we can offer you. Thank you for visiting us at Davis Roofing, Inc.

Roof Replacement & Installation

Shingle roof replacements, also called “tear-offs”, are a specialty. We leave every roof installation with utmost confidence in our work because we prepare for a successful roof replacement before the job even beings. When it comes to your home, we take no chances. Our crew will schedule your new roof installation with weather in mind to ensure optimal product performance and protection for your home.

Whether your roof is one story or three stories high, easy or difficult to access, a personal residence or rental property, a low-budget or high-budget project, Davis Roofing, Inc. can help.

Guaranteed Workmanship: We guarantee all shingle roofs that we install because we install them correctly the first time!

Custom Warranties to Fit your Project: At Davis Roofing we work closely with you to select the best shingle products to match your unique needs for quality, performance and budget. We’ll work closely with you to decide with products and services are worthy investments that will save you money in the long-run and which are an unnecessary expense that won’t add value to your home.

Common Shingle Repairs

If any of your shingles resemble the following pictures, it is most likely time for a new roof. Regardless of whether you choose to repair or replace your roof, we recommend you act quickly to optimize your chance of salvaging your roof’s underlying sheeting, preventing replacement that can add hundreds to thousands to your roof repair/installation costs.

Rotting/Curling Shingles:

rotting roof shinglesIf your composition shingles look anything like the curling shingles pictured above, then you should consider a new roof soon to prevent costly water damage and repairs that often follow these shingle conditions. While this kind of weathering can be common for older roofs with decades of exposure to the sun and the elements, such wear and tear can put your roof (and the home beneath it) at risk. Shingles work together with the slope and topography of the roof (peaks and valleys), the flashing, and gutter system to effectively move water quickly and efficiently off the roof, so that it doesn’t collect and seep through the surface to the sheathing and attic below. When your smooth shingle surface is compromised (e.g., cracked, separated, or missing shingles), water can collect in these areas and eventually weaken the plywood, sheathing, and/or framing that supports the roof, leaving your roof in danger of collapsing under the weight of snow/ice.

Missing Shingles:

shingle roof installationMissing shingles can compromise the integrity of the roof surface, causing water collection and subsequent wood rot. Without prompt attention, this water damage can escalate a minor repair into a major roof replacement very quickly. It is also important to replace these quickly, as replacement shingles that are the exact same make and model will appear to be a different color if they do not age with the rest of the roof over comparable time.

Sagging Roof:

sagging roof repairUnfortunately, sometimes much-needed roof repairs go unattended for years, even decades, and water that has collected in certain areas repeatedly over the years can weaken the sheathing to the point where it cannot hold the weight of the shingles installed on it. The weakening of the wood causes it to bend and warp. These dips in your roof need immediate attention, due to their increased tendency to pool water and further rot the wood below.

Compromised Surface Integrity:

roof surface integrityCracked shingles, debris in valleys and gutters, animal holes, and other things can comprise the integrity of a roof’s draining system, causing water to collect and materials to rot. Regular roof and gutter maintenance can keep repairs minor and affordable.