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Do You Need To Replace Your Gutter System This Spring?

Winter is gone, and spring’s bright sun and warmer weather are here – such a breath of fresh air. While you are excited about the spring season as you can now enjoy the outdoors, do not forget to look at what home project should be done. Remember, fall and winter can be harsh on your home, particularly on your roof and gutter system. The strong wind, snow, and leaves can damage your roof and can clog your downspouts. 

Welcoming spring with a new gutter

Spring is something most people look forward to. It is the perfect time to go outside and do some home improvement projects you have in mind but can’t do because winter won’t allow you. As the temperature starts to get warmer, be sure to check that gutter inspection is included on your spring checklist. Your gutters play an essential role in keeping your home protected against water damage. If you don’t take time to check it regularly, especially after a long, harsh winter, it can be a source of a problem. Plus, a damaged gutter is unsightly, affecting your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Checking your gutters can go a long way in keeping them functional, and you don’t have to deal with serious problems such as water damage which can be expensive to fix. Your gutters are the ones responsible for driving away water from any vulnerable areas in your home. However, if you neglect it, you might need to deal with a lot of troubles later. Once you have inspected your gutter, you can do preventative maintenance to ensure it is working fine. However, if you notice some issues with your gutter, you might wonder if you need to replace your gutter system this spring. 

Should you? What if you can just have it repaired first? Well, repairing your gutter can be a good idea as it is most cost-effective than getting a new one. However, certain factors can help you determine if your gutter is way beyond repair and requires a replacement. Here are some signs that your gutters will need replacement:

  • Pulling or sagging gutter
    If your gutters are sagging or pulling away from your home, it’s a sign that it needs a replacement. It indicates that the gutter is full of water or debris, and it cannot handle the weight anymore. 
  • Splits and cracks
    Even a small crack on your gutters can turn into a big problem when ignored. If there are small cracks, make sure to repair them immediately, or else they will get bigger and cause severe damage later. However, if there is an extensive crack, it’s time to get a new gutter, as fixing it is no longer recommended.
  • Rust
    A peeling gutter is a sign that it has rust. It can increase the risk of leaks in your gutters, so it is always a great idea to replace a gutter with peeling paint or rust.

This spring, make sure your home is at its best – no damage in any part such as your gutter so you can take your mind off any issue that will arise and just enjoy the weather. 

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