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What I Need To Know About Frost On My Roof

You woke up on a cold morning. As you look through the window, you noticed snow falling. These snowfalls and frost will then cover your walkways and other areas of your home. While you can scrape away the ice on your patios and driveway, what can you do with the frost on your roof? And what does it mean when you have frost on the roof?

Is frost on the roof good or bad?

Frost is a deposit of a thin layer of ice crystals on a solid surface. It is caused by water vapor from the atmosphere with the above freezing temperature that comes in contact with a solid surface with a temperature below freezing. Does frost harm your roof? The answer to this depends on the condition of your roof. 

The roof is one of the most essential features of your home. It provides you and your belongings shelter and protection against the external environment. Thus, it should be durable enough to withstand changing weather conditions — may it be heavy rain, strong wind, scorching heat from the sun, or the buildup of frost during the winter season. If your roof is maintained well and in good condition, you can rest assured that these little ice crystals won’t cause any problem. 

What does a lack of frost on the roof mean?

The presence of frost on your roof can also help you determine the condition of your roof. If you notice that all the roofs in your neighborhood have frost except for your home, then it could be a sign of insulation issues in your attic. 

During winter, attic insulation is crucial as it can affect your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. A properly insulated attic will help keep the warmth inside your home. However, if there is no frost on your roof while all other houses have, then it means that the heat that will supposedly keep your home warm is leaking through the attic and toward the roof, melting the deposit of ice crystals on it. Apart from the lack of frost on the roof, signs of attic insulation problems include high energy consumption.

Be smart, be prepared!

Your attic is as significant to your home as the roof. Making sure that it is well insulated can exponentially improve the level of comfort indoors and its energy efficiency. It will also prevent water damage to your property. 

Do not wait for the next winter to arrive to check if there will be frost on your roof or not. Calling a professional roofing contractor for a thorough roofing inspection and maintenance before the cold season arrives will not just save you on a costly home repair. Still, it will also extend the life of your roofing system. Professional roofing contractors are experts in identifying areas where heat escapes and will address it right away. 


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