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Roofing and Gutters Add Value to Buildings in Fairfax VA

Your roof and gutters are three of the most important components of your home or commercial building. Keeping them in good repair is a necessary part of building maintenance. Attention to these matters will help prevent more costly damage in the future caused by water seeping into your home. If you are thinking of selling your building anytime soon, failure to address these issues can significantly decrease the value of your property or keep it from selling altogether.

Why are the roof and gutters important?

The roof and gutters not only look aesthetically pleasing, they help keep water from sneaking into your building and causing other damage. If a roof is leaking, most people will try to get to it right away because the water damage to the inside the building is obvious. However, when it comes to gutters, minor repairs are often overlooked.

If your building is missing gutters, your gutters are clogged, or in need of repairs, it can cause water leakage into the basement. The gutters help take water away from your building so that it does not get into it. When this drainage system is not intact, you can have a wet basement, and this can cause mold to develop as well. It can also cause foundation damage.

How do these things add value?

A building that needs roof repair or gutter repairs not only looks unsightly, it gives the impression that routine maintenance has not been kept up in the building. This is especially true for commercial roofing. The buyer may think that if these building components are in poor repair, it reflects on the condition of the rest of the building.

Adding features such as seamless gutters and gutter guards is a sign that the building has been well maintained and kept in good repair. It is also a good choice because it reduces routine maintenance in the future. Many building inspectors will carefully look at the roof and gutters to alert buyers of potential problems. This can create a point of negotiation for a lower price because the new buyers will have to go to the expense of repairing these items.

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