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Finding Water Stains On Your Ceiling?

One of the most common things to check off your home maintenance checklist is your ceiling. Your ceiling is an integral part of your home and is functional too. Your ceiling hides your entire home’s electrical and plumbing system and creates an enclosure from the rooftop. Ceilings rarely encounter problems but when they do, the most common issue is water stains from a leak.

Water stains

Look at your ceiling. Did you notice some water stains or wet spots? This is not normal because ceilings are not built to hold water and moisture as it is typically made of plaster or wood. There are many reasons why water stains appear on your ceiling but the most common cause is roof leaks. Once you see water stains on your ceiling, it is high time to listen to what your roof is trying to tell you.

One reason why your roof could leak is because of old age. Your roof, no matter how quality the materials are, will still deteriorate over time. Its deterioration will speed up with the changing of seasons and fluctuations of temperature. Another reason for a roof leak is the debris piling up in your roof. Twigs, leaves, tree branches and others can trap water against the roof, disabling it to run off freely. When this happens, the water that is trapped will slowly penetrate your roof as well as your ceiling resulting to the water stain forming on it. The same thing goes with your gutter system. If debris accumulates in your gutters and blocks its drainage, it could either cause overflowing of water or bursts your gutter. Any of these two scenarios that can cause roof leakage.

Roof Maintenance

When you see some water stains on your ceiling, you should not ignore it because it may be caused by roof leakage. When it does, it becomes a more serious problem that involves your roof. Your whole roofing system is crucial in maintaining the tip-top condition of your whole house. It is important that you take some action immediately so you can stop the source of the water stain before it can do more damage to your home.

Regular roof maintenance is really important to be able to identify problems at the earliest time possible. Once you promptly address the issue, the damage will be isolated and repaired, avoiding irreparable damage which may cause you to replace a section of your ceiling. When there is a storm coming, the more reason that you need to check the condition of your roof. Do not wait for water stains to form on your ceiling before you pay attention to the condition of your roof. Hiring a roofing professional is also a good choice; it can save you time in doing the maintenance on your own, plus you will be guaranteed that the person checking your roof’s condition is highly skilled to identify even the slightest roof issue.

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