Snow and Ice for Your Roof

Roof Winterization Checklist

Winter is almost here. It is the season when we get to appreciate the cuddle-inducing cold temperature and the beauty of the falling snowflakes. However, when the falling snow accumulates in your roof and starts to melt, causing damage to the roof, winter may not seem wonderful anymore. So, before the winter season ruins your mood and your home, it is necessary to start winterizing your roof before the first snowfalls. The roof winterization checklist below will help your roof get ready for the coming winter season.

Roof winterization checklist

  • Perform roof inspection

The first thing that you need to add to your roof winterization checklist is a roof inspection. This will allow you to identify signs of rot or any issues in your roof. The winter season is also the time for storms, so make sure that your roof shingles are in good condition and fitted well. Check the flashings, vents, and skylights too. See to it that there are no punctures or leaks in your roof where water from melting snow can seep through. 

  • Clean and de-clog your gutters

One roofing problem that can cause water damage to your home during winter is the clogged gutters. Clean and de-clog your gutters to allow melting snow to flow through it easily. Remove dry leaves, twigs, and any other debris in the gutter. Decaying leaves that are left in your gutter for too long can promote damage to your gutter too. Inspect your downspouts too, and make sure that no algae are growing on it. 

  • Cut back tree branches

The main cause of clogged gutters are the leaves and trees that have fallen and accumulated in it. Aside from that, tree limbs can potentially break and fall onto your roof during strong winds or when the snow and ice get too heavy, resulting in damage to your roofing system. Cut the limbs of trees that are hanging over the roof these threats from happening. 

  • Insulate and ventilate your attic

The last thing that you would want to experience during winter is waking up on cold feet. Your heating and ventilation system plays a very important role in keeping your home warm and comfortable during the cold season. Before the winter season, visit your attic and see if the insulation is still in good condition.  Make sure that the insulation is thick enough and is evenly distributed. Remove and replace them right away when you notice dampness in the area. Remember, your insulation and ventilation system will not just give you comfort during winter, but it will also save you money on your energy consumption. 

  • Make necessary repairs

Repairing a missing shingle or tightening a loose gutter can be done with your DIY skills. However, if you notice more issues on your roof, call a licensed roof contractor to perform a professional inspection right away. Do not attempt to perform DIY repairs as you might cause more damage to your roofing system as most of the roofing problems require fixing a larger portion. 

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