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Roof Installation

Providing dependable, quality roofing service to our customers depends on a variety of factors, but the most critical is an honest evaluation of its current condition. Does your roof need a “go-over” or a “tear- off”? How many layers of existing roofing material does your roof currently have? How does a “ridge vent” differ from an attic fan in ventilating your home? These questions are just a few of the critical aspects in which Davis Roofing specialists can help you understand the basics of roofing and use them to determine whether a new roof is necessary, and how much it will cost.

Through a FREE ESTIMATE, Davis Roofing, Inc. can provide you with a roof assessment that is realistic and practical for your budget. For example, your roof could only require a “go-over” (a fresh layer of shingles or flat roofing material applied over the top of an existing layer), a job that is significantly different in cost and quality than a complete “tear-off” (stripping the roof down to its sheathing/plywood, replacing damaged sheathing, and installing a brand new roof). We’ll tell you honestly whether we think you need a new roof or if a go-over is fine, or whether the time you are spending by repairing a bad roof is not worth your time or money, and it will save you money in the long run if you install a new roof.

At Davis Roofing, Inc. we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service at an affordable price. We provide the same services as the area’s largest roofing companies for a fraction of the cost.