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Roof Leak Repair

A leaky roof can cause damage to your home which can cost a pretty penny to repair. Don’t ignore a small leak or attempt at fixing it yourself.  Procrastinating can lead to water trickling into the tiniest gaps creating significant damage to your ceilings, walls, insulation, structure, and more.
Notice signs of a leaky roof early and contact Davis Roofing of Northern Virginia to get the job done right. Our professional and skilled team will come to repair your roof as well as assessing the damages and assisting you in filing claims to your homeowners’ insurance. Whether is a big or small project, let our highly trained staff restore your roof and provide you and your family peace of mind.


Common causes for a leaky roof include:

  • Poor installation
  • High wind damage
  • Ice and snow
  • Clogged gutter system
  • Build up of debris
  • Improper installation of stacked pipes or ridge vents


Contact Davis Roofing at 703-569-3388 for your free estimate on Northern Virginia roof repairs or roof replacement. Our prompt and professional team of roofing contractors is standing by ready to answer any roofing questions or concerns.

At Davis Roofing, Inc. we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding service at an affordable price. We provide the same services as the area’s largest roofing companies for a fraction of the cost.