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Benefits of Having Skylights

Along with aesthetic purposes, skylights have many practical benefits that everyone can enjoy, which is why an increasing amount of people are installing them in their homes. Whether you want to be in a better mood, save money or help our planet, skylights can help to improve the look and feel of your home and improve the quality of your life. Let’s explore the many benefits you could be enjoying this year.

Green Living

Skylights allow for greener living. Standard windows allow light in, but this can be problematic because the sun appears to move throughout the day, which can cause light within the home to fluctuate in brightness. This isn’t much of an issue with the use of skylights. This is especially true if the home is equipped with a few skylights that are evenly spaced. Reducing the need for electricity, by use of lights and fans, will help to reduce your energy costs. Skylights also help our environment by reducing the need for resources.

Mold Reduction

Sunlight naturally kills mold and its spores. Having skylights in the home can help to reduce mold with natural sunlight. Skylights also reduce mold through increased ventilation, which helps to circulate air, push mold spores outside the home and dehumidify the home. Mold spores are constantly flying through the air searching for moisture to grow. Mold can begin growing within 48 hours. You can use bleach on hard surfaces, but this doesn’t work well for porous surfaces. Drywall and water damaged surfaces create the perfect places for mold to set up camp.

Mood Enhancing

People who get a regular supply of sunlight throughout the day tend to have better moods than those who don’t. You don’t have to be in direct sunlight to enjoy this benefit. A steady stream of indirect sunlight will help you to feel happier, which increases the effect your home has on your creativity and happiness. It’s important to regularly relax too. You could watch the clouds pass by or stargaze to relax. Enjoy the pitter-patter of rain falling on your skylights.

Greater Privacy

Using skylights means you don’t have to use your standard windows as much, which means you can keep them covered and have enough sunlight throughout the day. This can help you to better enjoy your home free from outside distractions.

Increased Ventilation

Some people choose vented skylights for their homes. Vented skylights can be manually or electrically operated. Opening vents in the home increases ventilation throughout the entire home by allowing air to circulate. This can help to improve air quality because ventilation helps to push out pollutants from the home. This can also help to cool off the entire home quickly too.

Davis Roofing can help you get your skylight project going so that you can fully enjoy the many benefits skylights provide throughout the year. Give them a call today.

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