Is your roof ready for summer?

While most homeowners know to check for and repair roof damage before winter sets in, far less think about scorching temps in the summer can do. In addition to strong thunderstorms, harsh summer rays can cause damage to your roof.

UV rays wear down the shingles, which makes them brittle and more susceptible to damage. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use summer to tackle these problems head-on. Below are a few tips on how to prep your roof for summer.

Check the Condition Your Roof

Now is the perfect time to ensure your roof is ready for summer. Inspect yacour roof for loose shingles, holes, cracks and even moss growth. Over time, overgrowth of moss creates excess moisture, which can damage the shingles and cause leaks.

Also, look for signs of warped shingles and damaged flashing. Flashing is all of the metal strips you see on the edge of the shingles. If you do find any, do not attempt to remove them. Call a professional roofing company and they’ll come and fix it right away.

Check Your Attic

A great way to inspect your roof is to climb into your attic and look for any signs of damage from the inside. One of the most obvious signs of damage is when you’re able to see beams of sunlight coming through the roof. Although there shouldn’t be holes in your roof, it’s easy to patch these. However, if you notice any kind of discoloration on either the rafters or decking, then you may have a humidity problem or a small leak.

The same holds true for leaks. If you’re able to catch leaks while they’re still small, you can save hundreds of dollars on both exterior and interior repairs.

One final thing to look for while inspecting your attic is rot on the columns. If your columns are rotting, you must call a professional roofing company immediately. The longer you leave your columns to rot, the more likely your roof will come crashing down.

Add Extra Insulation To Your Attic

If the upper floors of your house feel a bit warmer than usual, it’s because the heat in your attic is being carried through the ceiling. Adding extra insulation can easily rectify this problem. However, despite the fact that it’s an easy renovation, it can also be tricky to do. But, if your roof is already having repairs done, now is the time to add the extra insulation.

Don’t Forget The Gutters

It’s important to check your gutters and make sure they are free of dirt, leaves and even unwanted house guests. Over time, clogged gutters can cause rainwater to overrun onto your siding and down into the foundation of your home.

Your roof goes through so much to shield you from the harsh weathers. You owe it to your roof to keep it in top form. Have roofing problems? Contact Davis Roofing by calling our number at 703-569-3388 today!

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