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Don’t Ignore Your Roof’s Status Until It’s Too Late

Most of the time, homeowners put off repairs on their roof and neglect their roofing system. The problem is, they are only considering a short term and tend to neglect the long-term effect of their decisions. Delaying repairs on roofing system has both short- and long-term effects that building owners and homeowners often don’t consider or don’t think are serious. 

Short term effects of neglecting your roof include leaks, increased energy bills, mold growth, and animal and pests problems. Leaks in your roof are the first indication that the roof is already damaged. An increased energy bill is also a short-term effect. The same holes that let water leak through also let your cold air out in the summer and hot air out in the winter. Thus, it may increase your electricity bill on the process. Mold may also develop if you neglect your roof management. Clogged gutters, wet insulation, and wet roof layer can cause mold and can grow creating a bigger problem in the future. Animals and pests may also live in the holes of your roofs and might cause health problems to you and to your family. Therefore, you should not neglect your roof management and must see to it that your roof has a checkup regularly to avoid further problems. 

Roof Maintenance Tips That You Can Try

While it is smart to get help from the experts when tackling your roof issues, it is also smart to maintain the condition of your roof. Below are the DIY roof maintenance services that you can easily do.

  • Inspect your roof twice a year

Even without climbing on your roof, you can still know the condition of your roof from the ground as long as you know the right places to look at. While on the ground, check for lifting or missing roof shingles, broken drip edge, missing flashing, exposed fasteners, sagging gutters, or piles of granules. It is best to do the inspection twice a year or during spring and fall. 

  • Clean your gutter

Cleaning your gutter is important to prevent roof drips and leakage. A broken gutter allows water to get inside your home which can lead to more serious issues. You can choose to do the cleaning yourself or call in an expert in cleaning your gutter especially before and after storm.

  • Trim the trees near your house

This is a very important especially when there is a storm approaching or when the season is about to change. Broken twigs and falling leaves can get stuck up on your gutter which can do damage on it resulting to leakage. 


Is It Finally Time For A New Roof?

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How The Gutter System Affects The Roof

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