Snow and Ice for Your Roof

How Snow And Ice Impact Your Roof

Cold weather can be pleasant and a great excuse to bundle up and sit by the fire. However, with the cold weather there comes the possibility of snow. While snow is beautiful to look at, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof, especially if it’s already damaged in a certain area. 

Every winter, your home is exposed to intense weather conditions. Your roof handles the brunt of these conditions and can become weakened from inclement weather. Snow storms or heavy ice can cause damage to your roof and your home if  your roof is unable to withstand the winter weather. 

Roof stress

Snow is beautiful to look at when it decorates the ground outside your home, but it’s no longer as beautiful when it’s piled up on your roof. The more snow you receive, the larger the load your roof has to carry. This causes excess stress to your roof as it has to carry heavy amounts of snow and ice for long periods of time. Additionally, older homes may not have roofs with enough structural support to withstand the pressure and weight of accumulating snow and ice. 

Ice dams

An ice dam is a build-up of ice on the eaves of the roof, forming a dam. If you notice these icicles on your roof after a night of snow, then it is a sign that there may be a problem with your roof. Ice dams form when there is uneven temperature on your roof, say, your eaves and gutter are a lot colder than your roof’s surface. Snow melting will typically flow to lower points of your roof such as underneath the shingles or towards the gutter. However, if these areas are colder, then the water refreezes and expands, causing cracks on your shingles and gutter. When this happens, water can leak into the interior of your home resulting in water damage. 

Water damage caused by snow and ice

The accumulation of snow and the build up of ice dams on the roof can cause pressure to your roofing structure leading to its damage. And a damaged roof in the middle of winter is something that you do not want to go through as it can result in water damage that costs you an expensive repair job. Planning a professional roof inspection before winter starts can make a big difference in saving your roof from stress and damage brought on by snow. A roof inspector from Davis Roofing will make sure that your gutters are not blocked and that your roof is sturdy and strong enough to withstand the winter weather. If your roof is properly maintained, then the weight of snow and ice during the winter season won’t make as big of an impact as it does on an otherwise unmaintained roof. 

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