Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leaking – What to Do and Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Roofs are made high quality and durable in order for it to be able to provide enough protection to the homeowners. However, despite its durability, roofs will age and may start to show problems such as roof leakage. Roof leakage is a common yet potentially serious problem that homeowners can experience in their homes. It can result in damage to the structure of your home so it is crucial to fix any leaks right away. 

What to do when your roof leaks?

There are numerous causes of roof leaks such as severe weather conditions, damaged shingles and rubber boots, clogged gutters, dislodged flashing, backed out roofing nails, and many others. While you can’t undo that problem that has already arisen, addressing it as soon as possible can make a big difference. 

So what should you do when your roof is leaking? 

  1. Locate the source

The first thing that you need to do when you notice your roof leaking is to find the source of the problem. If your home has an attic, then you can start there. Typically, a leak will leave water stains, black marks, or mold. You may also smell a musty odor in the affected area of the house.

  1. Stop the damage

Once you have located the source of the leak, the next thing to do is to stop it from causing further damage. You can get a container to catch the drips and get a plastic or any waterproof covering to put over anything that can be damaged by water such as your furniture, appliances, and others. It is probably best to transfer all your valuable items to a safe area. 

  1. Get help from the professionals

You may be tempted to climb on the top of your roof and fix the leak by yourself. However, this can be really risky on your part. Calling a professional roofer to help you fix your leaking roof is the best thing to do. Professional roofers are experienced and knowledgeable enough to fix roof leaks and spot other potential problems on your roof, thus, preventing future leaks. They can also assist you in preparing the necessary documents for your insurance claims. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait 

Roof leaks can lead to water damage and structural problems if not dealt right away. Roof leaks can’t be fixed on their own, instead the damage it causes will only worsen over time. The leak might be caused by an issue as simple as a backed out roofing nails, but if it is not addressed right away, it could lead to a bigger roofing problem and costlier repair or may even result in a complete roof replacement. 

Another problem that could arise if roof leak is not fixed immediately is mold growth. Did you know that mold can grow and multiply in 24-48 hours after it penetrates your home? And they can be really hard to totally remove out of your property. So, before the worst scenario happens, call us at Davis Roofing to come and help!

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