How To Protect Your Roof This Winter

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a total bummer. It can be beautiful if you have the right setup. And since one of the essential parts of Winter decorating is protecting your roof from ice buildup, snow, and other elements, this article will go over how to do that effectively so that your roof doesn’t get damaged.

1. Buy A Rake

The easiest and cheapest way to clear your roof is to do it yourself. Once you have a rake, you can sweep down the snow into the gutters. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly, and if you miss a spot, chances the next snowfall will cover it up anyway. Having layers of snow and ice on your roof can create serious problems, so don’t leave it up there for too long.

2. Apply a Roof Coating

You can hire a professional to apply a protective coating to your roof. A roof coating has been shown to protect against wear and tear, runoff, and heat retention. The best thing about coating is that it can make your roof last longer. 

3. Repair Roof Leaks

It is normal for ice to build upon your roof during the Winter season. When your roof leaks, you can bet that it will cause damage that is not only very expensive to fix but dangerous as well. So if the roof is leaking, make sure to get it fixed before the weather gets bad. You should contact a professional contractor to come and assess the damage and determine the best option for you. 

4. Keep Your Attic Ventilated

The attic is the best place to store your drywall and insulation. But if this is the case, there will be heat and moisture in the attic. The moisture can cause mold damage to your ceiling and ultimately cause damage to your roof and interior. For this reason, you want to make sure that your attic remains ventilated so that all of these bad elements don’t build up.

5. Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Snow and ice buildup will also cause your gutters to deteriorate. If this happens, they will not let the water drain properly, which could cause frozen pipes. This is why you need to clean them every week until spring to ensure that your gutters are not blocked by rocks, branches, or other obstructions. This way, the snow and ice meltwater can easily pass through and away from your home.

In conclusion, winter is a beautiful and fun time of year if you take the right precautions. Don’t let ice, snow, or other elements get in your way of having a great time. Ensure to take care of your roof so that you don’t have to spend extra money repairing it or replacing it.


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