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Unexpected Benefits of Having Skylights in Your Home

At first glance, skylights might seem to be just like any other windows in the home except for their location. Actually, the unique position they’re in allows this class of windows to provide some unusual benefits more ordinary windows can’t. Just contemplate the following six outstanding extras they offer. 

Improved Health

Physically, one of the biggest positives from skylights is vitamin D3. When ultraviolet light, UVB to be exact, in sunlight penetrates the skin, it triggers production of this vitamin that allows bones to properly absorb calcium and phosphorus that fight osteoporosis. Other research indicates vitamin D3 boosts the immune system and reduces incidences of multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Mentally, the rays supplied by skylights can help those with seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Beyond this, reduced sunlight interferes with production of the hormone melatonin in most people and can cause insomnia and other sleep problems.

Increased Lighting

Sure, standard windows let sunlight in, but there’s a problem. North-facing windows will be too dark, east and west windows only permit a few fleeting hours of sunlight in, and south-facing windows only deliver sunlight to south-facing rooms. Skylights solve the problem by bringing sunlight into rooms from overhead where it can evenly illuminate a greater percentage of the space.

Natural Light for Isolated Rooms

One terrific capability of skylights is that they can carry sunlight into interior rooms with no exterior walls. This is one trick standard windows absolutely can’t do no matter what special features they may include. In turn, more natural lighting means less power consumption.


Unless there’s a skyscraper next to the house, no one will be peering in through skylights. With the threat of unwelcomed observers out of the way, there’s no need to block the flow of sunlight with curtains. In the case of bathrooms and bedrooms, the knowledge that privacy is assured will bring peace of mind that even curtains or frosted windowpanes don’t since there’s still a chance they’re not providing total privacy.

Save Energy

Of course, available sunlight means less need for electric lighting. The problem, though, is that standard windows only let sunlight enter sideways and restrict it to the immediate area near a given window. The position of a skylight allows for greater coverage. Just like standard windows, skylights can be equipped with shades when the sunlight becomes too intense. It’s also possible to purchase skylights that can be opened for ventilation just like standard windows. The difference is that the overhead location of skylights vents rising hot air.

Cut Pollution

If less energy is needed to light, warm, or cool the home, it’ll put less demand on the power grid. Most electricity is generated by either natural gas or coal power plants. Both fuels produce carbon dioxide and coal tosses in other pollutants like sulfur dioxide. Keeping these things out of the atmosphere is always a good idea.

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