Why Fall Is An Important Time To Clean Your Gutters

Many people don’t realize that their gutters need to be cleaned until they are hopelessly clogged. However, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. Fall is the best time for you to clean your gutters. There are several reasons that you need to clean your gutters in the fall.

Leaves in the Gutters

Falling leaves are one of the first signs that indicate fall is here. It is beautiful to look at, but you don’t want to have leaves in your gutters. Leaves probably will not cause any gutter problems if they are dry. However, issues can arise after a major rain storm.

The rain will not be able to drain if the gutters are filled with leaves. If the gutters overflow, then your siding and foundation can suffer damage. Your gutters may also develop holes. This problem may not be easy to fix. You may end up having to get your gutters replaced. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters can prevent this problem.

Critters Make Their Home in Your Gutters

Animals look for a place to make their home before the harsh winter weather arrives. If your gutters have leaves and other types of debris, then this can create the perfect environment for the critters. You can keep your gutters free of critters by keeping them clean.

Winter is Coming

The risk of clogged gutters does not go away after all of the leaves are gone. If you do not clean your gutters in the fall, then you can be faced with an even bigger problem once the winter arrives. All of the debris and water that is sitting in your gutters can freeze.

If the water is frozen, then the melted snow and ice will not have anywhere to go. The snow and ice can also cause your gutters to sag. Your gutters may fall completely. If that happens, then you will need to have them replaced or reinstalled.

Ongoing Gutter Maintenance

It is expensive to replace gutters. Thats why you should try to keep them as long as you can. Getting your gutters cleaned is a small investment, and this small investment will allow you to be able to reap the benefits of clean gutters for a much longer time.

The place that you live will determine how often you will have to clean your gutters. If your area does not have a lot of leaves, then you probably will not have to clean your gutters that often. They will not fill up with leaves as quickly.

However, everyone will benefit from getting their gutters cleaned in the fall regardless of where they live. This is one of the keys to keeping your gutters for a long time.

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