installing a skylight

What You Need To Know Before Installing A Skylight

Need additional light in your home? Aside from your windows, you can also invite additional natural light into any room by installing a skylight. A skylight, also known as a rooflight, is a window or structure installed on part of the roof of a building for lighting and ventilation purposes. Skylights can be a great addition to your home especially if there is a darker area in your house that could benefit from some extra lighting. If you are still undecided on whether to consider a skylight on your next home makeover, then here are the things that you need to know. 


Our roof shields us from pouring rain, scorching heat of the sun, strong winds, and other forms of inclement weather. Since a skylight is installed on the roof, it will be exposed to the different forces of nature and leakages could occur. It is best to hire a reputable company to install the skylight so that events like this won’t happen. 


Picking an area to place your skylight is an important aspect to consider before its installation. Typically, people install skylights in darker rooms. When choosing a room, the slope of the roof should be taken into consideration. The roof should be about 5-15 degrees higher than the roof’s latitude. In order to maximize the amount of sunlight that the skylight delivers, it should face the north side of your home. If you are new to skylight installation or may not know where to install your skylight, you may want to seek advice from professional installers as they know the best place to install the skylight. 


Skylights bring natural lighting inside your home. This, in turn, offers many benefits such as making a room appear larger and brighter, and saving energy especially in the winter months. Skylights push stale air away from your home; thus, helping your home maintain a comfortable temperature. With this, the snow and ice that are accumulated on the roof during winter will melt easily. The type of skylight you would want to install on your roof depends on how you would want it to serve your home. For ventilation purposes, you can choose either an automatic or manual vented skylight. If you are looking for an energy-saving skylight, you can opt for a fixed skylight, as they help keep the moisture out.


The size of the skylight is also very important to acknowledge. The cost of the skylight and its installation depends on its size. Apart from that, different areas in your home may require a different skylight size. The bigger the area, the larger skylight you will need.

Finally, when planning to install a skylight for your home, make sure you plan its installation when the weather will be temperate and calm. Sudden rain or strong wind will not only pose dangers to the installers, but it can also affect the output of the installation.   

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