Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected After Winter

Winter is a great season. It’s a chance to enjoy the crisp, cold air, as you take long walks. Winter is also about cozy days in front of the fireplace. While the cooler temps are a delight, the weather also can also pose a threat to your home. This is especially true of your roof. Fierce rain, heavy snow, and ice storms can cause all kinds of problems to this part of your house. That’s why all homeowners should have their roofs inspected after winter winds down. Experts like those at Davis Roofing come to your home and help make sure it stays in perfect shape.

Weather Problems

Virginia is a terrific place to live. At the same time, the climate of Virginia presents all homeowners with challenges they need to address carefully. This part of the United States enjoys a brisk, four-season climate. That means you’ll face long winters every year with the possibility of blizzards and lots of icy rain. As the new season emergences, you’ll want to make sure the state’s weather did not harm your home’s roof.

Missing Roofing Parts

Any kind of wind can easily blow the tiles literally right off your roof. You might not even know they’re gone. Even a few missing tiles can cause all kinds of problems to your home including leaks that can harm your precious interior items and even harm the home’s foundation. An inspection after winter subsides is an ideal way to have a close-up look at all areas of your roof. It’s also a good way to identify any issues with all areas of the roof at the same time. Our inspectors will let you know what’s happening on your roof.

Damaged Areas

After many months of ice, snow, and very cold weather, your home’s roof may be damaged in many varied ways. The gutters may be clogged. There may be missing sections near the chimney as well as the eaves. A roofing inspection can easily spot such problems. Our roofers can also let you think about your next steps. If you’ve suffered only a little damage, they can use this time to get it fixed when they are up on top of the roof. They can also help you determine if you actually need a brand new roof and what to do if this is a problem.

Preparing For The Warmer Months

Just like the harsh weather of winter, weather in Virginia during the spring and summer can also affect your home’s roof. A roofing inspection right now can reveal any issues that might interfere with your roof’s functionality during the hot warmer months. You’ll need to make sure your home’s central air or window air conditions are working. You’ll also need to make sure that the roof can stand up to any serious potential weather condition such as a large hurricane. That is the best way to protect your home’s investment and keep it looking good.


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