How Skylights Can Reduce Energy Use

Skylights are the best way to bring in more natural light inside your home. A skylight is a window installed into your roof. Apart from letting in natural light, skylights are also efficient when it comes to reducing energy use which can lead to lower energy bills. Electricity costs are constantly rising up. With the need to decrease energy use, homeowners are looking for ways on how to do it.

Using skylights has shown to have a big impact on their energy use. How skylights can reduce energy use? Here are ways on how it does:

Utilizes natural light.
No more turning on lights during the day. Using artificial lighting during the day is unnecessary, right? With a skylight installed, there is no need to turn on the lights – just open up your skylight and let in natural light from the sun to light your dim room or corridors.

Use of solar heat.
Maximize the heat into your home during winter and reduce direct heat during summer. A skylight that is facing either the north or south is a great way to reduce your electricity bill from your heater during winter as it allows solar heat to get into your home. Because you don’t need to constantly use your heater or air conditioning unit, you can bring down your energy bills. With a skylight, you harness natural light to heat your home. Installing skylights on top of the glass will also reduce the heat intake during summer; thus, minimizing your use of air conditioning unit.

Provides ventilation.
You can raise or lower the glass on the skylight to act as an exhaust as well as let in some airflow which in turn can reduce energy costs during a cold night. You can opt for either Passive Ventilation of skylights or Opening skylights for your home since both will provide proper ventilation. While Passive Ventilation will act as an exhaust and regulates the internal temperature of the room, Opening Skylights, on the other hand, will control and air ventilation and circulation in the area.
As a summary, skylights offer a lot of benefits especially in minimizing your electricity bill. So, before you install your skylights, determine first how you want to use it; they know the right places to install it in order to get the most of its benefits.

Put a skylight in your home today and enjoy the benefits it offers. For professional installation of skylights, contact Davis Roofing today.

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